Saturday, June 26, 2010

BollyTruck On the Road

It all began with an inkling of an idea many years ago. It was an idea that may have sprouted from pre- Prague Bollywood Festival fatigue. Perhaps, it was the product of alcohol induced fantasies. Who knows? But, for sure, it was an idea that spouted roots and grew and strengthened over the years. And then, it finally happened. We arrived at that magical moment when a possible sponsor (Avia Ashok Leyland) and a organizing team (crazy to take this project on despite all the odds stacked against it) all converged into to the painful, tiring and yet profoundly fulfilling realization of the BollyTruck project.

I am sure that the organizers on the ground, living the daily realities will soon share their experiences soon. But in the meantime, here are a few photos that only begin to share the an idea that now became a reality. All photos are from the United Islands 2010 Festival in Prague today.

Our Indian Embassy support team present at the event.

And there were many moments to remember.

The event will be capped off with a screening of Om Shanti Om later tonight.

Watch the film trailer and check BollyTruck out at it's next events around the Czech Republic.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Takže pozor - dnes jsme před posledním filmem ROCK ON!! ve 20.00 ve velkém sále kina Světozor vyhlásili výsledky obou našich soutěží:

Diváckou cenu za nejlepší krátký film obdržel snímek SUPERMANI Z MALEGAONU / SUPERMEN OF MALEGAON. Režírovala jej Faiza Ahmad Khan. Cena obnáší šest rolí 35mm filmové suroviny, které věnovala firma KODAK.

Faiza Ahmad Khan

Fotografickou soutěž vyhrála a do Indie se společností Gulf Air poletí Petra Jirková. Její fotografie byla označena písmenem -K-.

Vítězům gratulujeme a těšíme se na vaše další fotografie příští rok.

Friday, October 16, 2009


It's a packed show. The lights finally dim and the hall grows quiet in anticipation. It is about to begin. This year's Prague Bollywood Festival's screening of Farah Khan's Main Hoo Naa.

Some may ask why we brought this film back to the festival again. I wish they had attended this afternoon's screening, as seeing (and hearing) the audience's excitement and sheer enjoyment would have answered the question for them once and for all.

But for those who missed it, here is a small excerpt:

The villains plan a preemptive assassination attempt. The life of an innocent student hangs in the balance as a precisely fired bullet whistles through the air (in slow motion of course). All seems lost and then... out of nowhere, Pratap Singh Sharma (aka Shahrukh Khan) plunges through the air to save the clueless student's life. With an exclamation of disgust, the villains roll up the tinted windows of their range rover to make a speedy exit. Unabated, Sharma sets out in hot pursuit.... in a bicycle rickshaw. Dazzling even the most jaded action movie flicks, the rickshaw transforms into a speed machine as Sharma performs tricks akin to the asian action flicks and matrix types (and openly inspired by them too). He dodges a flying lamppost. Pedals furiously to escape an exploding tunnel, and plunges into the air only to fire a perfectly aimed bullet.....

For our festival audiences, Main Hoo Naa pulls together the best elements of what draws Czechs to Bollywood movies. There are the crazy plot turns. There are the romantic escapades. There are the action moments. There are song-and-dance sequences. And there is, ultimately, the tear-jerking (admit it, you cried too) happy-end. But even more than all this, there is a conscious play on all these elements allowing us to enter into the complicit world of Bollywood, fully aware that we are all (the audiences and film-makers alike) in on this fun filled, and light-hearted 180 minute jaunt.

Oh and, for those who have not made it to the festival today. Our evening screenings were SOLD OUT shows. Introduced by a live dance performance by Vendula Uhyrkova (Garam Masala), our screening of Rab Na Bana Di Jodi is right now bringing out the happier side of audiences.

Join us tomorrow for a packed program... and our Bollywood Party at Klub PM (doors open at 10pm). Here are a few photos from last year's party to get you in the mood: